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Meizitang Soft Gel

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Product Description

Meizitang Botanical Slimming Soft Gel , based on natural extracts, is known as an effective herbal product, according to traditional Chinese medical theory, Meizitang uses several herbal extracts from plants to help people naturally gain better results on their figure and health. These natural beauty plants include Kola fruit, guar gum, purple clover, alfalfa, Cyamopsis, Atractylodes rhizome, lotus leaf, astragalus root, banana East, oleander leaf, astragalus, Alisma, Apocynum leaves and other precious Chinese herb drugs

Meizitang Series Product
1. Meizitang Botanical Slimming Soft Gel:
Laser Mark with MZT, Green Soft Gel, Clear White Liquid, 36 Capsules per Pack

2. Meizitang Strong Version (Strong Version of Normal Meizitang, 20% More Ingredients)
Laser Mark with MSV, Green Soft Gel, Clear White Liquid, 36 Capsules per Green Bottle

3. Meizitang Red Version (2012 New Version, 30% More Ingredients of Normal Version)
Laser Mark with MSV, Brownish Red Soft Gel, Clear White Liquid, 36 Capsules per Red Bottle

4. Meizi Evolution (Advanced Version of Meizitang, More Effective Ingredients)
Laser Mark with MZE, Green Soft Gel, Clear White Liquid, 30 Capsules per Green Bottle

Usage & Dosage:
1 time/day, 1 Soft Gel/time (About half hour before breakfast with 350~500cc water)
Do not exceed 1 capsule per day; does not take two different kinds of pills in the same day.
Please note that Meizitang is supplementary pill, so can't be used as a diet substitute; please don't skip meals when taking it.

Customers Reviews

5 Stars ( Total 23 Reviews)
Thank you very much for fast delivery and high quality product, i’ve only been on the meizitang for about a week now but already lost 4.2lbs! :D Clothes are starting to become lose, i am really happy with this shopping experience

5lbs is gone by Rosa Dennis
The product is working for me, ive lost my appetite now, and when i do get hungry, hardly any food fills me up. I am sweating more and i have a slight dry mouth and craving for water, i checked today ive lost 5 lbs, wonderful changes :)

Good by Lela Taylor
Both my boyfriend and i were using meizitang, So far we have been taking it about a month, I lost only 7 lbs, little, but my boyfriend lost 14 lbs!!! We got different results with the same pills! well, 7 lbs is still good news, better than nothing, the pill has different effect on us, i don’t why, my boyfriend was always sweating, and need to keep drinking water, I didn’t have dry mouth problem only a little appetite suppressed

great by Misty Powell
It's been exactly one week and i am down 4lbs, i am so excited, i have experienced dry mouth bu i welcome it as it makes me drink water, which is good for weight loss

I love meizitang by Brenda Patton
I love it!! I have lost two stones in just 2 months i’ve been using it, i am so happy to find the authentic pills that work, thank you so much!

I am a cyclist riding 150-200 miles per week when I am not traveling for work. I have struggled

I don’t do exercise usually . but after taking botanical slimming soft gel, I do take a walk about 1 hour after my dinner. It seems I lost more than my brother. So , for me , diet and exercise are helpful but this product make me feel better.

Appreciate very much. by Stacy Shelton
This botanical slimming soft gels really curb my appetite. I ‘d like to introduce this product to people who need to lose weight around me. They will like it as I do. All in all I am very happy with this product. I started with the two pills and lost at least 5-8 pounds in the first 4 weeks.

Thanks by Jake Morris
Hello I have been using the meizitang for about a month now. After the first week, I lost about 8 lbs but after that I have come to a half. The result is so good for me. Will recommend this to the obesity around me.

Really love it. by Juanita Burton
I had to exercise more, and more strenuously, and eat even less to stay at the weight I wanted. I realize metabolisms will naturally slow, and I heard that botanical slimming soft gel help speed metabolism .so I am glad to try this, with this product. I don’t have to force myself eat less. Because I don’t even have an appetite. it makes me feel full. Highly recommend.

I was bummed because I hate exercising, but I’m eating good. Anyway, I can’t lose weight even though. I really need to lose weight so I bought botanical slimming gel,. And this really helped me. I’m so happy.

good pills by Joseph Russell
food. After taking this botanical slimming gel I feel more full so I don't overeat , but I never skip meals. I know this would make weight loss fail. And gain weight at the same time. I have much for breakfast ,but I don’t eat dinner as I do not feel hungry.

Love it and will order more by Jamie Mclaughlin
A friend of mine suggested I try adding anther slimming product, but the customer service not suggested , so I keep taking only one product, botanical slimming, I have friend use this for 3 months and lost 32lbs. we both satisfied with is.

Good product. by Johanna Lynch
I just purchased my 2nd parcel. After 1 month, fact shows that this works good! It's only been 1 month and none of my pants fit, my belt has to constantly be tightened. I'm so happy this was exactly what I was hoping for and needed. Satisfying product.

really amazing,meiztang by Christina Curry
I heard about this product before long but never have a try. I use it when I need it. the supplement really work for me , I have racing heart beat, and also he energy, I don’t want to do exercise as I feel too tired after work. But now. I don’t need to worry about it. I like botanical slimming capsule.

I noticed that I crave snacks less. The majority of the time I can go hours without craving junk

with trying to stay lean body shape and have always had that last 13 lbs that I can never seem to loose, However. I found this botanical slimming soft gel product. Really amazing.

One thing you should know is that you can't just eat nasty and expect slimming, I have paid attention to my diet for years but didn’t lose any weight, my sister recommend botanical slimming pills to me and I bought to have a try, now lost 8 lbs, in a month. Happy with it

I’d stick to light foods and fruits and you won't have any side pains etc. Take for only a week and I feel some difference in my stomach. Like the pills so much.

I am taking bee pollen now . Don't know if that is making the difference But meizitang helped a lot. also these are ones my doctor highly recommended. They offering good products, I should take more people to this website. I have a store online , I’ll sell them in the future.

I have friend used botanical slimming gel for 2 months so far. But she combined another product with it, I’m not sure what exactly is. But she is satisfied with t he result she has got as far. But I only use this one, its a little strong I guess. Because I only used one and lost 20 lbs, but good thing is I have no side effects.

very satisfied by Susan Davidson
It doesn't come on sting either it just slowly progresses and i end up doing so many things that i normally wouldn't.

After seeing the results from a friend, I have finally decided to purchase these capsules! I work out and try to maintain healthy eating habits so I hope my success is as good as hers, 30 pounds in 2 months

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